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What Champion Are You?
What Champion Are You?
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Hello a Pokemon MLPFIM Kirby and Cartoon Fan also

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What Mew Mew Character Are You?
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Which Mew Mew Are You Most Like?
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My real life friend< :iconluckyraticate1963: and have a 3ds if you wanna add her

Best Pony

:icontwilightsparkleplz: :icontwilightlaplz::iconpinkiepieplz::iconpinkiepiederpplz:Support Ailcorn Twilight Stamp by SoraJayhawk77Applejack is Underated by SoraJayhawk77ANTI Pony Incest Stamp by RockyleRick


Justin T. stamp by AxiasAlexaBlack Eyed Peas Stamp by AnonaStampsPitBull Stamp (revised) by RebiValeskaVan Halen stamp by krassrocksAdam Gontier fan stamp by Knight1313I cried when Adam Left Three Day Grace. by Jerseydevil123KK Slider Stamp by Bex-BongioviJustin Timberlake Fan Stamp [Free] by EvaBlondie


Anti-Vore stamp by RandomP0KEMONBroPisces by Skylark-93Sonic is Overrated by alaska-is-a-husky

Equestria Flag by IronGalaxyCraft-Digi

Fictional Character Love by MarioLuigi25
MS Paint User Stamp by KishiFishy
I know I'll get slaughtered for this by FurryLucarioReturns

Super Smash Bros. 4 (3DS/Wii U) - Wii Fit Trainer by LittleYoshi8Wii Fit Trainer Stamp by captainfranko


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Okay, First i not gonna celebrate today.  Is good for me reason  i feel like to be lazy :XD:
also my dad have work now on sundays. Okay okay done with that.  Happy easter don't like the troll easter bunny comes 

or else he'll crack the eggs and eat your candy. 
  • Mood: Bliss


Artist | Student | Other
Name-Ashlee Smith :I can call me Ash or Ashy or Ashlee
Loves MLPFIM and cartoons...
and-Taken so yea... : o
Colors 3d- Pony
Skype Inuyasha101012 *TRUST ME EASY TO GET OF HOLD OF ME
Facebook-Gotta ask for it
Youtube-Gotta ask for it
Email gotta ask for that :XD:
Japan penpal- Gotta ask for that too
FA- PinkiePiefan-2 :3 don't remember until i log on again
Miiverse- gotta ask me that
Other DA :iconmewlover1418:
that's all
Friends i'll do that later
:iconbplz::iconaplz::iconyplz::iconeplz::iconeplz::iconfplz:10 welcome you
LOLOLOL Stamp by Tripp-X-Foxx
Sports Fail with Bowser by MetadreamPegasister Stamp by SunnStamp
:iconpinkiepieplz::iconpinkiepielaplz::iconpinkie-pieplz::iconpinkiepiederpplz:Gummy nom nom Stamp by CottonKittiePinkie Pie Stamp by Kevfin:iconpinkieapprovesplz:Laughter Stamp by genkistampsUSA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design



stamp: tokyo mew mew by FairyxWingzEverything is Overrated by DarknessTareStop fandom abuse - MLP:FIM by HyaKkiDouR4nHomestuck is Overrated Stamp by smileystampsPokemon Games Stamp by KeliAlex
Not a weeaboo stamp by Rhoey


Pop and Rock Support Stamp by dragon77123Addicted To Music - Stamp by JWiesner


Fat People have Feelings Stamp by Blashy-ChanCalm down broinies stamp by TheLeetCasualGamerParody stamp by TheLeetCasualGamerSTFU Pokefags by TheLeetCasualGamerReal Pokemon fans don't bitch by KooboriSapphireLike all pokemon stamp by BlueshockerI'd Date a Brony Stamp by the-ocean-singsApplePie stamp by StupidLittleCreatureI like all the main 6 ponies stamp *edited* by CritterInvasion
Nice to Me Stamp by Mirz123NEW Support MLP Yuri stamp by S-LaughturFlutterDash stamp by StupidLittleCreatureStamp: Citron XY by Endless-MittensCheifs Team Logo by TheStampKingAFC Logo by TheStampKingPKM: Male Trainers Stamp by NozukiPKM: Rival Trainers Stamp by NozukiPKM: Female Trainers Stamp by NozukiLindsay Stamp by voodoo777NFL Logo by TheStampKingColts Team Logo by TheStampKing24 stamp by QphacsJeff Gordon Stamp by nascarstonesTerry Labonte Stamp 'WF' by nascarstonesDale Earnhardt Stamp by nascarstonesLOVE NASCAR by NaujTheDragonflyVan Halen Stamp 6 by dA--bogeymanSick Puppies Stamp by EramelineGive a Llama, Get a Llama by mushirTrollFace Stamp by Tripp-X-FoxxMe Gusta Stamp by Tripp-X-Foxx:thumb371656216:Stamp-I fave a lot by ILoveKnucklesShadowGet Over It by h-irschI Hate School by Davidgtza2MLP FIM - Princess Cadence Fan Stamp by Joakahayour welcome by lady-lelielThe Welcome Stamp by BusirisDon't ask stamp by izka197Flag: Nebraska by TheStampKingMS Paint User Stamp by KishiFishyStop fandom abuse - MLP:FIM by HyaKkiDouR4nI don't roleplay by RanshiinsithaTomboy Stamp by TwilightProwlerTomboy stamp thingy XD by Laila-sanYus, I do. 0u0 by World-Hero21Stamp- Pokemon Fangirl by Sweety-WandaGhost - Yes Stamp by sewreelFav too much - Stamp by TadadadaMexican Stereotype 2 by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeJapan Stereotype by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeAmerican Stereotypes 2 by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeThree Days Grace Stamp by LuxDaniNot popular and happy by prosaixGym Leader Whitney by MarlenesstampsGym Leader Morty by MarlenesstampsGym Leader Misty by MarlenesstampsPKMN Trainer Lyra by MarlenesstampsPKMN Trainer Rosa by MarlenesstampsPKMN Trainer Bianca by MarlenesstampsPKMN Trainer Bianca BW2 by MarlenesstampsMissingno by MarlenesstampsStarters by Marlenesstamps500 - Emboar by Marlenesstamps609 - Chandelure by Marlenesstamps585 - Deerling Summer by Marlenesstamps498 - Tepig by Marlenesstamps483 - Dialga by Marlenesstamps393 - Piplup by Marlenesstamps134 - Vaporeon by Marlenesstamps258 - Mudkip by Marlenesstamps257 - Blaziken by Marlenesstamps245 - Suicune by Marlenesstamps181 - Ampharos by Marlenesstamps176 - Togetic by Marlenesstamps183 - Marill by Marlenesstamps184 - Azumarill by Marlenesstamps153 - Bayleef by Marlenesstamps039 - Jigglypuff by Marlenesstamps144 - Articuno by Marlenesstamps131 - Lapras by Marlenesstamps012 - Butterfree by Marlenesstamps010 - Caterpie by Marlenesstamps101 - Electrode by Marlenesstamps093 - Haunter by Marlenesstamps052 - Meowth by Marlenesstamps004 - Charmander by Marlenesstamps054 - Psyduck by MarlenesstampsMagikarps Are Cool Stamp by kalot3000Bloo is Dancing by Chrno-chanThe Powerpuff Girls Stamp by dA--bogeymanPowerpuff Girls Stamp by dn-revengeScythe Stamp by Mistress-BloodBilly__Stamp by KillerSandyAnti-Classical Music by GodIsAFakeWho says you can't like both? by crazylaura64Do not judge stamp by RankumanderPokemon is for fun :Stamp: by KooboriSapphireStamp: Stop bashing dammit by Endless-Mittens:thumb158795847:Pokemon Stamp by Magegirl-NinoPokemon Stamp by SavannaH09I Love All Pokemon Stamp by KawaiiChan789It's Not Just the Bro Army by endlerNo PewDiePie Stamp by Anti-Dark-HeartN Pikachu animated stamp by ZetIlexDawn Fan Stamp by xVintageDreamerDakota Fan Stamp by xVintageDreamerBridgette Fan Stamp by xVintageDreamerSierra Fan Stamp by xVintageDreamerZoey Fan Stamp by xVintageDreamerJo Fan Stamp by xVintageDreamerLindsay Fan Stamp by xVintageDreamerYou are Stupid... Stamp by aliceapprovedPPG Blossom stamp by xselfdestructiveThe Powerpuff Girls Stamp by dA--bogeyman:thumb27617572::thumb275647547:Izzy Fan Stamp by xVintageDreamer NEW Support MLP Yuri stamp by S-Laughturstamp-anti dott by BlueLithiumxXxBotan Fan Stamp by Alonely:thumb370869583:Rainbow Dash Stamp by KevfinPegasister Stamp by Kezzi-RosePrincess Twilight Sparkle by Miss-DicessCutie Mark Crusaders Stamp by KevfinPinkie Pie Stamp by KevfinMLP Derpy Hooves Stamp by KevfinMLP Fluttershy Stamp by KevfinMLP Princess Luna Stamp by KevfinVinyl Scratch Stamp by KevfinI Like MLP: FiM Stamp by Firey-FlamyWhy Choose over Favourites by endlerKirby Fan Stamp by toki28anti-recolor stamp by insomniacawakePinkie Pie Fan Stamp by PurelyWhiteButterflyI Support Rainbowdash Stamp by Teamscout11I HATE SCHOOL stamp by izka197The gladiator by SirvanaRachanaFamiliar teritory by SirvanaRachanaTDROTI - Dawn stamp 2 by TDIStamps:thumb351392038:Anime Guys Are Hotter by Darkest-OfTimesFAIL As A Girl Stamp by JiiHakuSunset Shimmer stamp by ShinyWhiteWatersEquestria Girls AppleJack Stamp by NatouMJSonicEquestria Girls Twilight Sparkle Stamp by NatouMJSonicEquestria Girls Pinkie Pie Stamp by NatouMJSonicEG Magic stamp by NatouMJSonicGwen Fan Stamp by xVintageDreamerCourtney Fan Stamp by xVintageDreamerMLP: Rarity stamp by JanbearpigFor I Am by azianwolfdollStamp: SatoSere by Endless-Mittens
TDROTI - Dawn+Silent B Stamp by TDIStampsCrazy for Courtney by PhysicalGaGacreatureErmagerd Friendship by SunnStampAdopt a girl - stamp by Angi-ShyAdopt a boy - stamp by Angi-ShyWii owner: Stamp by JazzaXN64: Stamp by JazzaXNES: Stamp by JazzaXGameBoy Color: Stamp by JazzaXGameBoy Sp: Stamp by JazzaXPS2: Stamp by JazzaXN64: Stamp by JazzaX3DS stamp blue by cinyuICEE stamp by Delirious-LolitaNintendo Ds: Stamp by JazzaXGameBoy Advance: Stamp by JazzaXWiiU Stamp by AnonaStamps:thumb394763023:

Anti-RECOLORS Fan Button by RequestButtonsAnti-RECOLORS Fan Button by RequestButtonsAnti-RECOLORS Fan Button by RequestButtons
MLP Shippings i love-:love: means i love it a bunch :heart: means i love it too
^^;- Means it's alright :shrug: unsure
:love: TwiDash
RaityXBigMac :love:
:love: ApplePie
:heart: SoarinXRainbowDash
:heart: Darling Do X RainbowDash :XD:
CheeseSandwich X PinkiePie :blushes: love that shipping
:shrug: FlutterPie
:shrug: AppleShy

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TheMrGumball 14 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
Happy Easter! /._./
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:iconhappyeasterplz: Ashlee :iconshinyheartplz: and I Heart free avatar You
andFREE flying hearts Icon OXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOFREE flying hearts Icon 
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Wait a minute, you were the one who sent me a friend request on miiverse,
is that correct?
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